The Junket Podcast is a biweekly actual play podcast currently telling the story of the Maelstrom Galaxy in the 23rd Century.

Join our all-British, queer-led cast every other Thursday as they use Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition to play out the story of the Katherine Johnson II, a spaceship crewed by a five-strong band of old friends who already saved the galaxy once before only to be dragged out of adventuring retirement by the impending end of the universe.

The Maelstrom campaign is a story-led space fantasy packed with high level characters, a colourful array of aliens and custom mechanics for everything from gravity through to the bends. To find out more about the campaign, its characters and the world they are trying to save, visit the Maelstrom campaign page.


Paige Selby-Evans

she/her, demi

Your Game Master, artist, writer, co-editor and composer. Wife to Leonie and friend to the rest. Probably too fond of causing emotional turmoil. Definitely too fond of playing tycoon or micromanagement games. Can also be found playing Juniper Zenith-Lewis when not at the head of the table.

Leonie Selby-Evans

she/her, queer

Plays Dr. Faraday Zenith-Lewis. Loves water, stargazing, Bulbasaur, fancy soap, her friends, her family, and her wife. Commonly found belting out show tunes, rewatching She-Ra, or writing on an RPG website. Will probably try to recommend you a great queer YA book.

Shona Clacher

she/her, asexual

Plays Schlurp Ruth. Writer (in theory), artist (on occasion), big nerd (all the time) and avid appreciator of himbos. Big animation fan who cries during the first five minutes of any Studio Ghibli film.

Jess Thomas

she/her, queer

Plays Lore’la Wide Wanderer. Tired, small, gay, will talk for hours about many, many things. Doesn’t like tea, but loves her deer child. Twitter: @jessisbuffering

Ell Folan

they/them, asexual

Plays Captain Mitchell Crick. Nerd, statistician and tea drinker. Has played over 1000 hours of Fallout: New Vegas and has no plans to stop anytime soon. Loves cake, video games and rolling natural 20s.

Duncan Clacher


Plays Karel. Shona’s brother, bringing that sibling dynamic. Well-recognised history geek and bookworm. Nice and also a guy; but most definitely not a Nice Guy.

  • To invite listeners to join us in worlds packed with LGBTQ+ themes and emotionally satisfying storytelling.
  • To invest in the show and improve its quality over time.
  • To be responsible with our voices and take care to punch up, not down, with what both ourselves and our characters say and do.
  • To keep the show free for anyone who wants to listen to it.