Welcome to the Maelstrom Galaxy, a colourful and chaotic setting with two main arms, five main sentient species, and a heck of a turbulent history. The Maelstrom is populated by Humans but also by playable alien peoples: amphibious Namazir, insectoid Ipelta, deerlike Araswati and birdlike Plueen.

This first campaign is a vibrant space opera rich with alien megacities, fishlike spaceships, interstellar jump gates and sentient machines. We’re sure you’ll pick up the unique qualities of our game as you listen, but if you have any questions feel free to contact us either at or on our Twitter.

– Paige, Leonie, Shona, Jess, Ell and Duncan

Want to put a face to all the placenames? See our full-sized galaxy map!
Curious about our custom aliens? Check out our illustrated PDF!

Meet the crew of the Katherine Johnson II: a band of misfits from every walk of life with a shared habit of causing trouble wherever they go. When they met they had barely a hundred credits between them. Now they are (in)famous galactic adventurers, business owners, government employees and burgeoning pop stars with friends (and foes) in all sorts of high places.

They are friends. They are family.

They are… the Space Squad.

played by Leonie Selby-Evans

Dr. Faraday Zenith-Lewis

she/her | human cleric | pansexual

Hailing from the Sunfish, a Namazir city-ship that patrols the Mist nebula, Faraday was raised by two mothers and ended up training to be a medineer out of pure indecision. Under the chaotic eye of Dr. Liam Malcolm she began to find her natural inclination towards necromancy, though her relationship with her power is by no means an easy one.

played by Jess Thomas

Lore’la Wide Wanderer

she/her | araswati druid | queer

Lore’la comes from Korus, a forested world of druids and dangerous plantlife. She left everything behind to search for the missing piece of her people’s people’s most important relic, spending years travelling as a chef and medic on various ships before making the deal that would cause her to join the Space Squad on the mission that would ultimately result in the Battle of Yentao.

played by Shona Clacher

Schlurp Ruth

they/them | cyte bard & sorceror | asexual

Originally known as LM3, Schlurp was activated in the year 2217 by infamous (and disgraced) AI technician Suresh Choicegiver. Under the care of Suresh’s lab assistant, Prisha Chainbreaker, they began to express themselves – first through music, and then with magic. Schlurp is anxious, talkative, and a bit lost. You will never find them far from an instrument or their lion rabbit, Bugsy.

played by Duncan Clacher

Karel of the New Colony

they/them | ipeltan rogue | asexual

Karel is an Ipeltan Worker from the New Colony, a group of Ipelta who live in the Trade Galaxy and oppose the Empire’s Queen-dominated hierarchy. Karel can come across as nervous and uptight, but is able to keep their cool when it really counts. They are fiercely loyal to the Colony and to the small circle of friends they have found within the Space Squad, especially Faraday.

played by Ell Folan

Captain Mitchell Crick

he/him | human paladin | asexual

Born on Earth in Cornwall, England, Mitchell Crick joined the United Earth Fleet at the age of eighteen, eventually becoming Captain of the UEF Endeavour. He held this post until a tragic accident drove him to quit the UEF and become a bodyguard-for-hire instead, wandering the Maelstrom until his fateful meeting with the rest of the Space Squad in Septemberish 2220.

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