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Arc 1: Trial by Fire

Two years ago, the ragtag crew of the Katherine Johnson II saved the galaxy (and stirred up more than a little chaos at the same time). Now they are enjoying the perks of life as successful heroes: pension schemes, booming business, and a fair splash of fame.

Life’s never been better. It’s just a shame that the universe is about to end.

Arc 2: Off-Piste

The universe is ending, and any chance at stopping it lies with the forgotten peoples who faced it before.

Following the advice of new allies, the Space Squad head to the sand-blasted and pirate-riddled planet of Yamaten. There, hidden beneath the dangerous streets of Shomu the Warrior’s former military base, they find terrible knowledge, familiar faces… and a treasure beyond compare.

Arc 3: Deep Secrets

An unexpected summons from a singularly unexpected source takes the Space Squad to Azulir, a waterworld whose single vast ocean is dotted with the dilapidated ruins of a once-unparalleled entertainment scene.

Answers lie in the deep. If the Squad can survive a submarine, a pirate queen and a terrifying monstrosity from the ancient past, they might just be able to find them.

Arc 4: Staircase Wit

Thanks to the bravery and ingenuity of long-lost peoples, the Space Squad now know what – or rather, who – Pyrrhos is looking for. Unveiling why he needs them will take the party deep into the heart of the Ipeltan Empire, to the domain of Arch-Queen Aniset herself.

Terrible secrets wait in the dark. It’s time to bring them to light.

Arc 5: The Last Dance of the Gods

The Space Squad are finally ready to learn the truth. Whether they can survive it is another question entirely.

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