The Junket Podcast: C1 E18: The Scorpion

Ears still ringing from the cheers of a jubilant Ipeltan delve, the Squad returns to the concert, drinks in the atmosphere (plus a fair bit of the free booze), and then gets to work. 

The next leg of their journey is about to start. It’s time to figure out where it will take them. 

The Junket Podcast would not be possible without the talents of:

  • Jess Thomas as the voice of Lore’la Wide Wanderer
  • Duncan Clacher as the voice of Karel
  • Elliot Folan as the voice of Captain Mitchell Crick
  • Shona Clacher as the voice of Schlurp
  • Leonie Selby-Evans as the voice of Dr. Faraday Zenith-Lewis
  • Paige Selby-Evans as both our Game Master and everyone else

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