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The Maelstrom Campaign

Arc 1: Trial By Fire

Two years ago, the ragtag crew of the Katherine Johnson II saved the galaxy (and threw it into chaos at the same time). Now they are enjoying the perks of life as successful heroes: pension schemes, booming business, and a fair splash of fame.

Life’s never been better. It’s just a shame that the universe is about to end.

Episode 1: Trial by Fire
Episode 2: Out of the Frying Pan
Episode 3: Over the Edge
Episode 4: The Spelunking Squad
Episode 5: An Abundance of Sheens
Episode 6: Hey, Sorry We Missed Your Call
Episode 7: The Lady Zenith
Episode 8: Confessions
Episode 9: Departures and Dogfights
Episode 10: Prepare for Landing
Episode 11: Trouble in Tourmaline
Episode 12: Best Laid Plans
Episode 13: Chasing Fairytales
Episode 14: Symbols and Signs
Episode 15: Pull to Open
Episode 16: The Case of the Haunted Library

Arc 2: Off-Piste

The universe is ending, and any chance at stopping it lies with the forgotten peoples who faced it before.

Following a tenuous lead, the Space Squad head to the sand-blasted and pirate-riddled planet of Yamaten. Hidden beneath its ancient sands is terrible knowledge, familiar faces, and a treasure beyond compare.

What will they discover, down in the dark? If Teb Bickering has his way, no one will ever find out.

Episode 17: For One Night Only
Episode 18: The Scorpion
Episode 19: The Anvil
Episode 20: Doctor Who?
Episode 21: The Long Rest
Episode 22: A Knockout Plan
Episode 23: Anarchy in the Armoury
Episode 24: The Door

Episode 25: The Hidden City
Episode 26: That Which is Most Precious
Episode 27: Underground and Under Fire
Episode 28: Loose Ends
Episode 29: The Arcade
Episode 30: The Council of Ulyal
Episode 31: The Festival of New Beginnings
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